What is Sonic Branding?

In a world where making your company stand out from the crowd is the key to success, branding becomes one of the main goals through which to achieve this. Branding usually makes you think of a visual item, right? If that’s the case, you need to broaden your understanding and think about sonic branding as a part of your goals. Having a fully rounded branding plan will help push your company to a higher level. Now, let’s explore what sonic branding is and how to create yours.

Let’s start with the basics: Sonic branding is the use of sound to create brand recognition. Think of things like fast food theme songs; “Bada ba ba baa” ring a bell? All around the world, companies use sound to add to their brand recognition. The key is to create a sound that is unique to your brand, and one that fits with what your brand stands for. Sound is one of the most powerful influences out of the senses. It is a part of almost everything in our world. It can bring up memories, make you feel a variety of emotions, and even create a connection in the brain with a brand. The trick is finding out how to put your brand into a quick blip of memorable sound, whether that be music or a voiceover.

So, how should you go about this? We’ve got a few tips for you here:

  • Keep it simple but unique: You only have a short span of time for your sonic brand to hit a person, so make sure you keep it simple enough to stick in their mind. You’ll also want to avoid using a sound that already is recognisable. No copycatting, here.
  • Try to target an emotion: A good sonic brand will hit on an emotion, like happiness. Your sonic brand needs to have a purpose.
  • Do an audit of your brand to see if you may already have something: At the start of your sonic branding process, you should go through your current brand identity and see if there’s a start for your sonic brand. There may be music or sounds that resonate with your company that would be a good jumping-off point.
  • Don’t give up: Like with everything in business, don’t give up if it seems impossible. We promise that you will find your sonic brand if you keep focused and keep trying.
  • Find a professional: There are companies and websites that you can go to for help with sonic branding. Folks who specialise in media production or voiceover work would be thrilled to help your brand find its voice! A great example of this is Voiceover Index.

What exactly can a sonic brand do for your company?

As we mentioned above, sound is a powerful sense. By working with this sense, your company can make a strong impression in the minds of potential consumers. Some of the ways that using sonic branding can help your company are by bringing more attention to your brand with better recall of your brand, encouraging more brand loyalty, and showing an additional level of purpose for your brand. A sonic brand will also allow your company to show off its personality and boost your consumer engagement!

Suffice it to say that a sonic brand will be able to elevate your brand to a new level and will be nothing but a benefit to your company’s bottom line. We’ve suggested that you explore Voiceover Index to find services that can elevate your audio today. We’ve shown you how to create your sonic logo and what exactly a sonic brand will do to benefit your company, so now it’s up to you to go out there and make yourself heard!